Back to Gulf Breeze

After being on a waiting list for several months we final acquired a spot in Magnolia Manor RV Park in Gulf Breeze Florida. Not only do we have our own long-term lot in this 25 lot park but we are 3.8 miles from our precious grandchildren and our expecting grandson. Oh yeah their parents are there too.

As you can tell Roger has big dreams and is more than excited for his grandson. I sure hope he likes tractors. Roger has gotten out Justin’s childhood metal Tonka trucks and begun cleaning them up and passing them to Justin’s son. “They don’t make them like they used to”.

Being in this area brings us back to Gulf Breeze, our first Florida home in 1993 but most of all we are centered around our Florida family.

Roger is loving to have his own space for his wood-working and has found a passion in flower plants in his handmade flower pots. He built me us a five foot glider and stays busy with his wood working. Just busy enough to not miss me during play dates with the granddaughters.

We are mostly enjoying having his grills and camp chef stove a permanent place and I’m loving his amazing dishes.

We do intend to travel in the future but we will keep this lot long term and it’s nice to know that we will have a home place to return.