Red Bay, Alabama

We have been visiting Red Bay. Red Bay is the home of Tiffin Motorhomes with the Factory, 100+ spot Service Center campground and 63 Bay Service bays.

Red Bay has a population of 3100. The town consists of Tiffin Factory, a dog food plant and a mobile home plant. It also has two grocery stores, two restaurants and three fast-food restaurants. There are also several “after hours” Tiffin current and former employees who offer extended services consisted of Diesel service, carpentry, carpet and awning installation, and any other services to add to or remodel your RV.

Downtown Streets of Red Bay

They most often have no vacancies at the camp ground, leaving the excess RVers to park at one of the several off-site campgrounds. They have four long rows of spots. If your lucky, you might be located at the end of the first row that comes with neighboring roosters who provide free wake up services.

Tiffin Allegro Campground

We have completed our work at the Service Center and while we are waiting for our scheduled appointment with Bay Diesel to address a Freightliner recall we have moved to the Downtown RV Park.

Today for lunch we decided to go to a locals well known catfish restaurant. Swamp Johns: when I pull it up on Facebook they showed lines wrapped around the parking lot. On Saturday when we went it was a lot different than the pictures. On entering it looked the same minus the customers: inside an old concrete block gas station. As described, the food was really good. Roger enjoyed his catfish and I even had skinny (butterfly) shrimp. When I was paying I saw a almost empty container of banana pudding. I asked to add a serving of to-go pudding. The waitress replied they “were fixin to throw it out” so she gave it to us for free.

Mason Jar On Main

I enjoy the building artwork of forgotten times.

We survived the weekend without satellite due to the surrounding beautiful shade trees. I found a new love for Netflix and my old standby shows and movies.

This morning we followed everyone’s suggestions and went to Belmont Mississippi for breakfast at The Ole Country Store. Roger and I were aware of the location because he has gotten his snuff there before, but we had not eaten there.

For once Roger beat me to the door. Rushing to get his sausage, cooked to order eggs over well and homemade biscuits with sausage gravy. I guess it’s really country when they have chocolate gravy on the menu.

ACE/Piggly Wiggly

We drove back to Belmont Mississippi for dinner tonight. On the way back Roger stopped by the ACE Hardware to pick up a “tube cutter”. We followed the directions given at the Auto Zone but when we arrived we found that the ACE Hardware and a Piggly Wiggly were in the same building, actually the same store. When he came back to the car he had found the tube cutter and a fresh cantaloupe.