West Yellowstone Montana

We left Red Bay Alabama on June 12th heading towards this destination, West Yellowstone National Park. We were excited to get here and really excited to see how our diesel RV made the trip. The RV did excellent climbing the hills and we are happy to have another place marked off our bucket list.

We arrived and got set up about 1:30. We went the few blocks downtown to grab some lunch and shop around. You won’t believe it but they actually have a quilt store downtown, called ‘Send it Home’. Now that we have that completed we are resting up today and heading to the park tomorrow. Yes, i have double checked, Roger has the orange seniors card.

We really do like this RV Park. We have not seen a bad spot yet. The town of West Yellowstone is a one road town with shops and restaurants lining the streets. Not sure what gas cost in Florida right now but regular gas is 2.57/gallon here.

Yesterday we stopped at a homemade ice cream stand. Not only was the ice cream good, but we saw an actually electric ice cream freezer working in the back. I have often wondered whose home the homemade ice cream was made in?

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  1. Oh my from an earthquake in Montana to lava spewing in Yellowstone! Praying for your safe travels.

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