Yellowstone National Park

Friday, July 7th we went into the west gate of Yellowstone. We drove what seemed like was forever around very curvy roads in heavy traffic to get to Ole Faithful. (They had places for the slow car to pull over, guess who was the slow car?) We were in amazement when we arrived at the Ole Faithful Inn in the amount of people. We had lunch is the hotels restaurant before going up on the deck to watch Ole Faithful spew. We were lucky to get seats, the ground around it and the people standing behind us were ten deep. After that we drove through the circle in the middle of the park back to the west gate to our RV Park. Its amazing how long it takes you to drive these very curvy roads with up and down elevations. In the middle of the park is a huge lake, Yellowstone Lake.

Geyser time clock.

Ole Faithful
Ole Faithful again with tour bus

A bison stopped for lunch
We came across a herd of about 300 bison with their little ones.

We are planning one more day in the park. Hopefully we will have more pictures to add.